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Things that affect our learning

January 29, 2010

For the last few weeks we have been talking about what helps us and stops us from learning. Some of these things have been to do with how we are feeling, some have been to do with the place we choose to learn in. We put all our ideas into a wallwisher (click the picture to look at it).

Different people thought things affected them in different ways. For example, lots of people said lots of noise stopped them learning, but Imaan said she liked loud music to help her concentrate.

In the comments:

1. Have a look at the learning wall by clicking the picture. See if you can find any you hadn’t thought of.

2. Comment on this post and tell people at least one thing that helps you to learn, and one thing that stops you learning.


Evaluating videos

January 24, 2010

Over the last week we have been using YouTube videos to learn about Ancient Egypt. We have found some great videos, but not all YouTube videos are very good.

Go to YouTube and search for a video about something that interests you about Ancient Egypt. Remember to think carefully about the key words you use to search.

Click on the address of the video and press ‘ctrl’ and ‘a’ on your keyboard to highlight it like this:

Copy it and paste it into a comment, then think about how good you think it is.

To copy: press ‘ctrl’ and ‘c’, or choose ‘Edit’ and then ‘Copy’ from the menu.
To paste: press ‘ctrl’ and ‘v’, or choose ‘Edit’ and then ‘Paste’ from the menu.

In the comments:

1. What did you learn from the video?
2. Do you think it was a good video? What was good about it?
3. Was there anything that wasn’t good about the video?

Have a look at the videos others have posted, do you agree with what they have written? How could they improve the comments they have made? Reply to their comment and let them know!

For some comments you need to click on the childrens’ names to link to the video they have written about…



January 14, 2010

This half term in 4OQ we are putting lots of effort into reading. We have been doing lots of reading in our reading groups and at home. Teachers are always telling you reading is important, but what do you think?

In the comments

1. What do you like about reading? What sorts of books do you like to read?

2. When do you read at home? Who do you read to? Why did you choose them?

3.. Why is reading at home important? What do you learn from it?


Snow is falling

January 6, 2010

White deep snow.
White snow on the ground and the roof of the school.
The pencils are covered in snow and the whole playground.
The trees are covered in snow even the birds.
Even the act stage is all in snow.
The footprints are all in the snow.

By Joseph

In the comments

Write a description of the snow. Use lots of senses, what does it look, smell, feel and sound like? Use some adjectives and adverbs in your description.


Starting Ancient Egypt

January 5, 2010

This term 4OQ are learning about the Ancient Egyptians. This afternoon we discussed what we already know about Ancient Egypt and put it into a Wallwisher wall. We put some things that we knew for sure, and some things we thought we knew or had some ideas about.

Click the image to look at our wall

We have also been thinking of questions to ask about the Egyptians.

If you are in 4OQ see if you can think of some more questions and add them to our questions wall here.