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Cleaning the fish tank

December 18, 2009

 This morning we were helping our teacher Mr Quinlen
to clean the fish tank.
It was so smelly, we had to take the filter and we had to clean it, it was full of fish dung.
they had so many chemicals .We also had to try Mr Quinlens little vaqiuam cleaner.
The fish names were called sandy spongebob and patrick. Someone put his finger in the tank and they suked it.

By M.


Christmas Party

December 18, 2009

On the 17th of december class 4oq hade a christmas party.
First we played pass the passel i won a prise it was milkyway stars.
Then we played over and under in are groups we had to pass the balloon over and under are heads,then we did side to side (same thing just side to side)
After we did musical statues it was fun
Finally we hade things to eat i had coke and choclate finger.
then it was time to go home

(we all had fun)


Year 4 Radio

December 13, 2009

Over the last few weeks Year 4 have been producing a radio show in their Learning Agreement Time. Some groups have been learning how to use the radio station, and some have been creating things to go on the show. We also worked with groups from Year 3 to help them record their own poems and a radio play they had written. You can hear the show below, and the Year 4 poems on their own below that.

You can download the podcast and subscribe to future podcasts using iTunes from the Robin Hood Radio blog.

The Three Little Pigs:

Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf:

In the comments:

Write something you think was good about the podcast or poem, and something you think they could have improved.

You might want to think about the children’s reading skills, the expression in their voices, and if they sounded confident and like they knew what they were talking about.


Professor McGinty

December 1, 2009

Last week Professor McGinty came to talk to us about the Tudors. He showed us lots of Tudor objects and clothes which he had collected on his time travels!

Find out more about history from Professor McGinty’s website.

Listen to Professor McGinty’s podcast on Romans.

In the comments

1. Choose one of the objects we looked at, describe what it was used for and what it is made from.

2. Did it belong to a poor person or a rich person? Why do you think that?

3. What does it tell us about what the Tudors knew and how they lived?