Professor McGinty

December 1, 2009

Last week Professor McGinty came to talk to us about the Tudors. He showed us lots of Tudor objects and clothes which he had collected on his time travels!

Find out more about history from Professor McGinty’s website.

Listen to Professor McGinty’s podcast on Romans.

In the comments

1. Choose one of the objects we looked at, describe what it was used for and what it is made from.

2. Did it belong to a poor person or a rich person? Why do you think that?

3. What does it tell us about what the Tudors knew and how they lived?


  1. In Tudor times rich people used to eat from a plate made from pewter wich is poisonous because of the led inside. This tells me that the tudors didn’t know much about pewter or poisons.

    • I think that the rich people drank from this cup because none of the poor people could afford them.

  2. I have chosen the metal cup.The cup it is made out of pewter. It is used for drinking in

  3. it is used for drinking out of drinking out of and it is made out of tar
    and cow skin
    2. the famli that it is used from POOR PEOPLE .
    3. it tells you about they lived quit good

    • i have chosan the wooden plat it is made out of wood the spot is mad for salt it shos that they are poor

  4. In Tudor times poor people used to drink from cups made from wood and tar. This tells me that Tudors didn’t know much about what was good for them and what wasn’t.

  5. I have chosen the metal cup.it is made out of putar. did you know puter is piosanas.it must of belonged to a rich tudor or a okey toudor.

  6. I am going to choose the big brown cup.The brown cup is what the rich and poor Tudors but i think they were the poor peoples because the rich people might of had better cups.And the poor people didn’t have many cups or many drinks so there children had to drink beer and had to drink out of one cup for everyone.The poor people didn’t have much money so they wore the same clothes every day until they ripped. so they sometimes have to put there clothes over them to keep them warm.

  7. 1. it is a wooden plate,it is used to eat in,it is made out of strong wood.

    2. it belongs to a kind of poor person because it is made of wood

    3.it tells me that the Tudors don’t bother to build a factory and make things there.

  8. I have chosen the leather cup it is made out of leather.
    The leather cup is used for drinking out of.
    I think the leather cup is not a poor persons
    cup i think it is a person that has a little bit of money.

  9. I have chosen a wooden plate.

    1.It is made of wood.

    2. I think the plate belongs to a poor person because it is made of wood.

    3.It tells us that the Tudors had not invented factories.

  10. I have chosen the pewter plate it was used to eat off only rich people ate off it because pewter was expensive it tells us the Tudors ate off a poison called lead.

  11. i think that kaiynat and Ben look a bit funny,but they wouldn’t look funny to the Tudors.

    The metal plate looked a bit fancy but it was not healthy at all.
    The metal plate is made of pewter and pewter is made of lard and lard poison.

    Metal was very expensive then so only rich people would have it.

    So if people then ate poison then ate poison then that meant
    that they weren’t aware of what they were eating.
    That also meant they lived un-aware of their health,so they would die easily.

  12. 1.I have chosen the wooden thing it was used chidren in school they hade to memirise it then write it at the back.2.It belonged to a rich teacher because he hade lots of clothes 3.that the students hade to memirise which brobley tock for ages and the teacher was cight strict

  13. I learnt that the the Tudors didn’t know that pewter was poisnos.

  14. 1.I have chosen the cup made with leather it is made with leather and peweter.

    2. I think it belonged to a rich person because i think leather was quiet expensive in those days.

    3. It tells me they lived in a quit big house with lots of jellery and exespensive cup.

  15. In Tudor times people ate from a wooden plate. These people probably would be not too rich but not to poor either. This tells me that the Tudor poor people would of been very poor compared to our days if they couldn’t afford a wooden plate.

  16. I chose the costume that ben was wearing i think it is made or fabric.

    I think it belongs to a poor persen be

  17. I have chosen the leather cup . i thing the rich because in old day leather was lots oof money.IT tell me that the people are rich .

  18. 1. I’ve chosen the cup.

    2.It is made out of wood.

    3.It is used for drinking.

  19. me and my friend mankaran lernt that the tudors did not know that puter was really piosning. i think if they had gravey which was runny on there plate they could like the puter and they would just die.

  20. 1. I have chosen it is called the wooden cup it is made out of wood and tar it is made for people to drink out of.2.it is made for poor people because it looks to poor. 3. it tells us that they never ever drank out of really famous cups

  21. I have chosen the wooden cup. it is made out of wooden i think it is for rich and poor peple and they drink

  22. In Tudor times people just above the temperate amount of money people might of drunk out of a leather cup. This tells me that leather was quite expensive in those days.

  23. 1) I choose the wooden plate,it’s made out of wood. People use it to put things in.

    2) I think it belongs to someone that not so rich or someone that not so poor so i think it’s one of the servents.

    3) I know if someone is rich because they have’t got that many teeth because they eat to much shuger.

  24. 1.I have chosen a pewter cup
    2.I think its a rich persons because when we had a trip to selly manor we found out rich people had pewter plates

  25. 1. I have chosen the wooden board it has a handle you have lesson
    with it and it has the alphabet
    2. It would belong to a in the middle because poor people didn’t
    have no money and rich people had lots of money so i think it belongs to rich people
    3.I think most of them where poor and they didn’t have a lot of money .

  26. my name is Aman and I am going to tell you aboute tdor money

  27. In the Tudor they used a leather mug to drink in and it is called a mug.There was a mug had a big face sticking out

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