Kandinsky Art Work

October 12, 2009

In Art we have been looking at the work of Kandinsky. We looked at his work based on shapes in our Maths lessons and described the shapes using their properties. Then we discussed abstract art, seeing what his paintings made us think of, and what he was trying to show in them. We talked about how Kandinsky used sharp, straight shapes for certain feelings, and round, smooth ones for others.

Mr Quinlan then showed the class how to use the shape tools, and the copy, paste and rotate functions on our netbooks. These are some of the pictures 4OQ made in the style of Kandinsky using the netbooks. Some children chose to create kaleidoscopic designs using these tools, others were inspired by Kandinsky’s less organised paintings and worked on representing their own themes and feelings using shapes.


  1. I like this art work, well done everyone. I could do with some new art for my office…

  2. Thanks you for your comment. We sure can give you some of our work. If you want some of our work we will print it out for you.

    From 4OQ

  3. The Kandinsky art work looks very nice and beautiful. This afternoon we are going to do more Kandinsky pictures and we are going to copy, paste and flip and rotate.

  4. I like the art work mr Quinlan.I really like Aarons its really good the way hes done it

  5. Glad to hear you like it Tyler. There is some great work here and I really like Aaron’s too. I like the different colours he has used, and the way he has used straight and curved edges.

    What do you like about it the most?

  6. i am glad all of u r havin a good time with the Kandinsky art and i am glad i am gomin 2 school on monday and i will enjoy the work with the Kandinsky .

    from kiera

  7. they look great !

  8. i really like iqras because it got cool shapes

  9. Outstanding art work. I remember when i did all of this back when Mrs Aston and Mr Broadfield were in the school 7 years ago! 🙂

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