September 20, 2010

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A year in 4OQ…

July 22, 2010

I really enjoyed being with my teacher mr quinlan and the radio station and the plasticine and every think really the best things I learnt was the maths the hand writing and what I got good at.

Is being in year 4 with an amazing teacher.
by Jessica

In year 4 I have enjoyed doing origami i have enjoyed learning new things i have enjoyed the fun things we’ve done and i have enjoyed my teacher.

by Aafreen

I have enjoyed making the pouches and purses and I liked building the houses and glue gunning them together and doing the animation and I liked using the I can animate. The best thing I have learned how to do different stuff like maths and using the laptops and doing diffrent stuff on them.
yous sincley Jordan

This year has been very fun and exciting every single maths,handwriting and spelling with Mr.Quinlan.Even though P.E has been proper rounders which none of us have ever played.Every lesson has been fun with Mr.Quinlan in charge its the best ever.
by Andrew

Mr.Quinlan made all lessons fun and all p.e lessons where exciting so were maths lessons sometimes he would tell us to calm down else the class would go crazy. Maths could get a little bit tricky and sometimes it was easy. My handwriting has improved during the year. Geography was fun because I learned about UFOS and Refugee’s. But out of all he was fun.

Your sincerely
From Joseph



July 21, 2010

What we did

In class 4OQ we decided to do plasticine animation in groups, to be precise our kagan groups. The software we used was I can animation our Emacs and Mac Minis. We could pick any story to animate, or make one up. For example Ethan the writer ( Tyreese co-writer ) made one up with sponge bob and the ginger bread man and Tyreese did Phineas and Ferb the haunted house episode.

We had to put tarpaulin on the carpet so no Plasticine got trod into the carpet. We had 1 and a half days to make plasticine  characters. We had lots of fun. The tables were moved so that the room was spread out and people had space. To get the plasticine we had to go to the desk, tell Mr Quinlan our teacher what we were getting and take it. There was also false baked eyes we could use. They were made out of something similar to Plasticine called Fimo, that you bake to make it hard.

By Ethan and Tyreese.


I really enjoyed building the models,but that was extremely hard so was the picture taking.I think the best bit was the voices because it was the easiest and I got to do the the narration!!!!!!

What we could do to improve is to make it make sense   and to cut out the hands.I found the whole thing tricky because the parts kept falling of and the camera kept moving luckily we had the shadow on.

I learnt on how to make a good structure  and to make really good facial expressions. I learnt by doing the animation how hard the the makers of Wallace and Grommet and  the makers of post man pat work.

By Imaan

Phineas & Ferb

The Simpsons

Tom & Jerry

Batman saves the city

The Gingerbread Man vs. Spongebob


Purses & man bags

July 15, 2010

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These are some children’s final purses. What a great job they have done!


Animation day two

July 14, 2010

Our names are Muminah and Ebrahim and we thought this project was crazy fun! We did an animation on the Macs and it was really fun. Everyone in the class did astonishing models. We had to work hard on this. Maybe on Friday we will show you the animation.

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Animation- Day one

July 13, 2010

Here are some photos and video from our first day of animating…

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Practicing for Plasticine Modelling

July 7, 2010

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