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Eid and Diwali

November 27, 2009

Yesterday we celebrated Eid and Diwali we had a party. We had loads of food and  we had lots of fun. We played games we played musical statues and musical bumps.

by Jordan

In the comments:

What do you do to celebrate Eid?

Can you explain why Muslim’s celebrate Eid?


Trip to Selly Manor

November 17, 2009

Today 4OQ visited the Tudor house at Selly Manor. We uploaded photos and thoughts to our class twitter feed at .

Click here to hear Jessica and Courtney’s description of the day on the way home.

In the comments:

1. What part of the day did you enjoy most and why?

2. Write one of the questions you wrote to answer. What was the answer.

3. Write something else you learned on the day. Explain why you found it interesting.



Science: Creating Creatures

November 6, 2009

Before the holidays we were looking at habitats, and how animals were adapted to live where they do. Everyone worked in teams to make a new animal out of vegetables and things Mr Quinlan brought in. They had to think carefully about why they were making the animals look like they did, and how their features helped them to live.

When they had made the animals everyone made a fact file about them, saying what features they had and how they needed these to cope in the habitat they lived in.

We had some pretty creative creatures!


Poetry reading videos

November 6, 2009

This week we have been learning about poetry.We have been reading poems, and had a go at writing our own version of a poem by Pie Corbett.

Today we had a go at performing some poetry to the whole class. Some groups used poems we have been reading together, some used the poem we wrote as as a class. Some groups chose to add actions to their performances, and some concentrated on reading together or as a chorus.

Click ‘Add Comment’ below and write something they did well, and something they could do to make it even better.


Similie Poems

November 6, 2009

This morning our class learned how to write similies. We had a go at writing similie poems.

Can you guess what these similie poems are describing? Let us know what you think by commenting.

As blond as a pencil,

As stripy as a zebra,

Bigger than an ant,

Smaller than a bee,

As Sneaky as an ant,

I can not describe,

Because it is not me.

By Jessica