A year in 4OQ…

July 22, 2010

I really enjoyed being with my teacher mr quinlan and the radio station and the plasticine and every think really the best things I learnt was the maths the hand writing and what I got good at.

Is being in year 4 with an amazing teacher.
by Jessica

In year 4 I have enjoyed doing origami i have enjoyed learning new things i have enjoyed the fun things we’ve done and i have enjoyed my teacher.

by Aafreen

I have enjoyed making the pouches and purses and I liked building the houses and glue gunning them together and doing the animation and I liked using the I can animate. The best thing I have learned how to do different stuff like maths and using the laptops and doing diffrent stuff on them.
yous sincley Jordan

This year has been very fun and exciting every single maths,handwriting and spelling with Mr.Quinlan.Even though P.E has been proper rounders which none of us have ever played.Every lesson has been fun with Mr.Quinlan in charge its the best ever.
by Andrew

Mr.Quinlan made all lessons fun and all p.e lessons where exciting so were maths lessons sometimes he would tell us to calm down else the class would go crazy. Maths could get a little bit tricky and sometimes it was easy. My handwriting has improved during the year. Geography was fun because I learned about UFOS and Refugee’s. But out of all he was fun.

Your sincerely
From Joseph


  1. I really enjoyed yr 4 i was very sad about the last day ps. best teacher i have known.

  2. I loved year four I thought it was great we have done so many amazing things. Mr Quinlan was the best teacher ever and I will never forget him.

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  4. I remember on the last day most of us were crying our eyes out! I’ll never for get you Mr.Q!

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