Making cheese

June 25, 2010

Year 4 have been making cheese, they have made the soft kind. We were learning about the Great Fire of London and Samuel Pepys who was wealthy. so he did not live near the villagers and the poor. He buried his cheese and so we decided to make cheese. we have worked to make the cheese in 25mins.
First we researched on how to make the cheese. Then M and T went to the staff room and they helped Mr Quinlan to boil the water,then they poured it and they took it bake to the classroom.Next we pourd 1quart of natural yoghurt  in to a jug.Then we put it in to the steralized clothś. Then we tied it in a knot with the string,and we put it in the fridge and we waited for 24 hours. While we were waiting we saw the whey coming out from the cloth’s .

The next day we cut the cheese with a pair of scissors and we tasted the cheese it tasted the cheese at first it tasted fantastic but at the end it tasted horrible.

By M

(ps. look at the instructions and try and make it the more the merrier  )


  1. Hi

    Good post; easy to follow and sounds like you enjoyed it. We do a similar experiment in high school, but we alter the acidity ( we add White vinegar ) into the cheese to see what happens. Cheers Mr GPG

  2. hi OMJ you had to eat that chesee i would NEVER eat that PS i am kaiynats 1 best friend and i am her 2 isnt kaiynat so funny and talted love the blog by the way.

  3. […] projects on the modern fire brigade, construction of wooden houses, and one group attempting to make the cheese that Samuel Pepys famously buried in his […]

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