Book day

June 18, 2010

Today it was book day and we dressing up as book characters.

Our teacher Mr Quinlan has been taking some photos of our costumes

We had to make up the story about the characters and how they meet.

By Muminah

Alice in Wonderland 1 and 2

Drown me to water

The footballer meets the wicked witch

The Joker’s Speech

The Twisted Spell

Bart meets the Mad Hatter


  1. I think that alice in wonder land 1&2 were funny but i dont think that the old alice had to apoligies it was modern alice who needed to apoligies

    • A very thoughtful comment Tyreese, I think I agree with you.

  2. Picture 12 was really funny

  3. I really like alixes clothing and the hair.
    And cool outfit mad hatter!

    • Thanks Imaan! Your costume as Jack Sparrow was really good too, I think the platter hair was a great ideas and must have taken ages to do.

  4. I think number 5 five is good how the mustash and the black eye are drawn.

  5. I think that the victorian alice is really cool.

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