Evaluating videos

January 24, 2010

Over the last week we have been using YouTube videos to learn about Ancient Egypt. We have found some great videos, but not all YouTube videos are very good.

Go to YouTube and search for a video about something that interests you about Ancient Egypt. Remember to think carefully about the key words you use to search.

Click on the address of the video and press ‘ctrl’ and ‘a’ on your keyboard to highlight it like this:

Copy it and paste it into a comment, then think about how good you think it is.

To copy: press ‘ctrl’ and ‘c’, or choose ‘Edit’ and then ‘Copy’ from the menu.
To paste: press ‘ctrl’ and ‘v’, or choose ‘Edit’ and then ‘Paste’ from the menu.

In the comments:

1. What did you learn from the video?
2. Do you think it was a good video? What was good about it?
3. Was there anything that wasn’t good about the video?

Have a look at the videos others have posted, do you agree with what they have written? How could they improve the comments they have made? Reply to their comment and let them know!

For some comments you need to click on the childrens’ names to link to the video they have written about…


  1. Mysteries of Egypt part 2

    1. I learned that the Egyptians used lots of astronomy and mathematics to build the pyramids and line them up with the stars.

    2. It was good because I learned lots of different things about Ancient Egypt and it had lots of pictures of what the pyramids and monuments look like- I could almost imagine I was there!

    3. The video was a bit long, and sometimes it was ages before the narrator told you any facts, you just had to wait and listen to the music. They could improve it by making it shorter and with more facts.

  2. I learned that aliens might have built the pyramids. It was well presented but they had very wacky ideas. Their opinions were dodgy.

  3. hey evryone i looked at this and i though it is good tara

  4. Egypt new mummies

    I learn what berid mummies looked like.
    Yes i thinkit was good because people were diging underground to see what they could find.
    Noithink it was a relly good vido

  5. This makes you re-think how pyramids were built…

  6. iant that anubis is for them god of death.
    i like the vidio because of the music and that it tought me and showed cool pictures.
    i don’t think that there was anything i didn’t like about the vidi.

  7. It was very good but I like the long one.

  8. I did like it the video but i didn’t really lean much in the from it and the video is quiet long.

  9. I like this video. I learned that aliens came to earth and built the pyramids

    • Do you think Aliens really built the pyramids? Remember not everything you see on YouTube is true!

  10. I was watching Mysteries of Egypt 4. I liked it because it had a lot of interesting stuff in it.

  11. I learned about how Howard carter found Tutankhamen tomb.
    It was a good video because it was exactly what happened to Howard carter

  12. I have leaned that aliens might have build the pyramids and the Egyptian were really clever and worked fast.

  13. it me usman adbul we want to make a lego plan and car and people

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