Things that affect our learning

January 29, 2010

For the last few weeks we have been talking about what helps us and stops us from learning. Some of these things have been to do with how we are feeling, some have been to do with the place we choose to learn in. We put all our ideas into a wallwisher (click the picture to look at it).

Different people thought things affected them in different ways. For example, lots of people said lots of noise stopped them learning, but Imaan said she liked loud music to help her concentrate.

In the comments:

1. Have a look at the learning wall by clicking the picture. See if you can find any you hadn’t thought of.

2. Comment on this post and tell people at least one thing that helps you to learn, and one thing that stops you learning.


  1. I like to have speech radio on in the background when I am trying to learn; it helps me concentrate.
    I can’t learn when I am cold.

    • That is good to have speech thats a brillient idea

  2. I can’t learn with other distractions around me. If I am writing anything, or reading “seriously” then I can only do it if it is very quiet.
    I need to be comfortable as well, warm with a cup of coffee close by.

    • Thank you Mr.Smith for replying on our class blog and telling us how things affect our learning.

    • Thank you for replying mr smith i like the comment i like to warm up as well when i am reading and thanks

  3. I learn better when there are hands on activities. I do not learn well when I am lectured.

    • Thank you Becca,we worked really hard on the wall wishers thank you for looking at them.

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    • That is good to have a speech radio thats a brilliant idea.

      • nice to meet you again,and thanks for commenting on our radio work.

  5. hi you like to be cold i like to be hot i like it when people are helping me and i like to play with my friends in the playground. I like it when my moms there it helps me concentrate

  6. I can learn when am both Hot and cold because I don’t really mind.

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  8. it is really good

    i liked Goldilocks with the wig it actually looks real.
    by valli

  9. I really liked your Wall wisher Year 4 and agreed with Iqra’s comment.
    I learn when I’ve got friends around me who motivate and encourage me to do my best.

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