January 14, 2010

This half term in 4OQ we are putting lots of effort into reading. We have been doing lots of reading in our reading groups and at home. Teachers are always telling you reading is important, but what do you think?

In the comments

1. What do you like about reading? What sorts of books do you like to read?

2. When do you read at home? Who do you read to? Why did you choose them?

3.. Why is reading at home important? What do you learn from it?


  1. I like Reading Horrid Henry and star wars books because I like Reading about

    • wars

      • Reading is important because if you didnt know how to Read somebody could help you.

  2. I like it a lot but you should add a little more detail.

  3. it is fun
    jermy strong
    at night
    my brother
    he lisons
    it put me to sleep

  4. Because I like and some times my Nan listens to me.

  5. I like reanding. I like storys. every day..my mum.case I do.it helps at spelling.

  6. I like the excitement of what’s happening a book and I like reading chapter books story books and encyclopaedia’s. I always read in my spare time when I’m bored and have got nothing to do. I read to my mum because she’s usually the only person around who wants to listen! Reading is important because you can enjoy it and it occupies you, and you learn new words and how to spell them.

  7. I like reading because it is fun, I like fantasy books because they have magical creatures and they are very interesting.I read every day normally in bed.I sometimes read on my own and I sometimes read to my mum,because I enjoy reading to her.Reading at home is important because it helps you write and learn new words.

  8. 1.My best book is magic pony a new friend.I just like to read because I learn new words.

    2. I read at home every single night, but by my self I read
    After sch.Iread to my mum dad bro. Ichose them cos theres no one else in my house,

    3. I learn cos its a fun way. Its important cos you learn new words.

  9. I like reading to my family.I like reading non-fiction books.

  10. I like readind because its like a tv in your head.I like reading Horrid Henry books.I like reading at weekends.I read to my mom because shes the only person in the house. It is inportent because you lern new words you dont know.I learn to stop at full stops.

  11. I read when I get home.I read t o my mom dad and two brothers because they enjoy listening to me read.

  12. 1.Its really fun.I like reading thick books.

    2.I read everyday.I read to my mum and dad.Because it looked interesting.

    3.Reading is inportant because you learn new words.

  13. I like reading because it important . transformers book . I read to my mum because see can help . because it help you with you spelling

  14. 1)I love to read all sorts books and its like your in the story.

    2)I read to my dad and mum and brother I read at bed time and when ever I am free.

    3)Reading is good because writing and lean new words

  15. It’s important because it’s fun.It gives you new words.

  16. I like reading because it gets more intresting and i start reading it more.

  17. I like reading because i like it.I like scary books.

    I read at mondays and wednesdays,fridays.I read to MY DAD AND my brother.I choose a book to learn.

    Reading at home is important because you learn to read.Ilearn from it reading a book and lookin at it.

  18. I don’t like scary stories.

  19. At our school we have been doing lots of reading too. We have reading miles books, which are cool because they record how much reading we have done. When we have read 7 times we get a house point, AND at the end of term if we have read lots, we get a certificate. We love reading in our class and we read lots at school and at home. We like reading to our parents, our teachers, brothers and sisters, aunties and uncles and we love reading to ourselves. We hope you carry on reading lots like we do!

    • I really think you should have a reading page,I bet you children.

      • That is a good idea about having a reading page. Just keep reading and learning!

  20. I loved reading your comments about reading. It sounds as though a lot of you really enjoy it. I’m going to put a reading page on my class wiki. Hopefully my children will be as enthusiastic as you.


    • i agree with the wicked which i do not like reading about scary story’s

    • Me and Kaiynat do lot’s of reading because we like it.I am reading dirty Bertie when i am finshed reading it then Kaiynat is going to read it.

    • thank you for commenting on our blog.And is your name really wicked witch??????

    • That is good

    • That was very good

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  22. that was cool

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