Snow is falling

January 6, 2010

White deep snow.
White snow on the ground and the roof of the school.
The pencils are covered in snow and the whole playground.
The trees are covered in snow even the birds.
Even the act stage is all in snow.
The footprints are all in the snow.

By Joseph

In the comments

Write a description of the snow. Use lots of senses, what does it look, smell, feel and sound like? Use some adjectives and adverbs in your description.


  1. The snow just wants to make a snow Angel or a cuddly snow man who would come alive

    • fantastic work

    • dont forget your full stops . but it looks good!

    • to tyler i think its good but use a bit more discripion

  2. SMELL:



    • cool work well done

    • There are some good adjectives in here, but it would be better if you wrote it in sentences rather than a list.
      Mr Quinlan.

    • I THINK THAT YOU WORKED SO HARD ON IT.I think josph worked hard……….

  3. The snow is white very white it is horrifically white
    and very sloshed.

    • your picture is great I like it. your ajectives were good the end
      from jordan

  4. The snow is freezing cold,it is mushy and slugey and smells fresh and smells like air its like a blanket of snow.It is white and very very deep and when you stand on it it goes sl sl sl.It is icy and cuderly
    and when it goes on your trousers its so wet.I like how it lies on the branches

    • You have described the snow very well. In future try to use a bit more punctuation and check your spelling.

      • ethan i dont agree with you but its good

    • great work I think you’ve worked so hard

  5. It looks all soft, pure,it smells so fresh and new and looks like a long soft blanket,it feels freezing cold and mushy and when you step in it sounds slushy.

    • To iqra i like you adjectives i think there cool you coud add a bit more detail about the snow but its ok

      • Thanks Afreen.

    • cool you have used lots of adjectives try using full stops!

    • You have done a lot of adjective,
      also describe the snow,
      you should use some similes

      ROCK ON

      • Thank Muminh.

    • That was very nice Iqra. Try to use more punctuation in future.

    • i like when you step in it sounds slushy looks like a long soft blanket. There is nothing much you can do to make it better.

  6. The snow is deep

    • It is a good sentence but you could have written more and put a couple of more good adjectives in the sentence.

  7. The snow is soggy.

  8. Everywhere is covered in snow.

  9. Snow is crunchy and soft and deep it is falling everywhere is full of snow. its on every creature and its on the rooftop the footprints are coverd in crunchy snow.

    • Good adjectives. Full stops. Next time more riting.

  10. It smells so fresh and cold,watery and sometimes muddy,
    It looks quite fresh and when it’s new and just came a bit vivid,,
    It feels really mushy,and absolutely freezing cold,it makes all the flowers and and leaves so mushy.
    It sounds like a rain-drop falling into a puddle,(but a really big one!)

  11. It looks like a long white carpet.

  12. The snow feels freezing and mushy when you step in it.It looks soft and pure and thick and it looks shinny when you look closely.It smells fresh and smells likethe sky.When you sqeeze it melts in to water.

    • You have used lots of adjectives to describe the snow. You have observed the snow in the playground really well. Try not to use the same adjective more than once. To make it even better, you could try adding rhyming words.

    • I think its awesome, I don’t think it can be improved.

    • The description is brilliant in this poem.I was impressed by the bit when you said ‘ It smells fresh and smells like the sky ‘ But to make it even better you could put some rhyming in it.

    • that’s really good,you used good adjectives and you made it qite intresting

    • you have done a lot of adjectives but try to use some comers

  13. The snow is horrifcaly white.
    The snow is sloshy.

    • good work Ebrahim slush horrifically.

  14. The snow looks white and cuddly like a blanket on a bed,
    it sounds crunchy, shivery and slushy like a wet biscuit in your mouth,
    it smells fresh, clean and new like the cold air all around,
    it feels soft, cold and deep like cold ice cream in a tub.

  15. The snow smells as fresh as possible and also smells like the air.
    The snow feels smooth and soft.
    The snow looks like a thick white smooth soggy blanket and when it`s on the trees and on the houses looks so so so pretty.

    • You did it great Muminah I think the bit when you said “The snow looks like a thick white smooth soggy blanket”was fab!I think you could improve by writing a bit more.

    • try not to use the snow all the time apart from that it is so good.

      • Thank you for the reply BEST FRIEND

    • I think yours is really really good mumina you could improve not
      saying the all the time.

    • I like your use of smell words, and likening the snow to a smooth soggy blanket was inspired! Next time you could try a different adjective to pretty.

  16. The snow is shockingly white.It is also very sloshy.It makes the sky smell fresh and it feels good when you touch it.When you step on the snow it makes the sweshy swoshy noise and it sounds good.
    The snow makes every thing white espeshly the beautiful trees.

    From Nohmaan.

  17. The snow looks a bit like rain drops falling gently and slowly from the sky.The snow looks like really buitifully white.I think the snow smells like really fresh It feels to me like a new start.The snow feels
    really cold.I think the snow is sometimes soft and sometimes
    really slushy .I think if you step on slushy snow water shoots out.

    • to jessica i think your addjectives are good but dont use think more then once but its good

      • thank you afreen I like the advice.

  18. The bin is cuverd with snow.

    • Abdul very good but it needs a bit more information.

    • you discibed it good,but you should write more and more adjectives.

    • this is good but you gust spell coved you spellt cuved tara

  19. I like the picture because it is clear. The snow is everywhere and I could see all the footprints left by class 4FP when they went for a snowball fight with Mr. Purnell.

  20. .The snow is horrifically white.
    the snow is sloshy and crunchy.

    • hello I like your adjektive they are really good

  21. The shcool roof is cuverd of snow

    • you discibed it good,but you should write more and more adjectives,and you spellt cuverd wrong(again).

      • Imaan, good that you are helping Abdul with his spelling. Why don’t you tell him the correct spelling of the word so he can improve his work?

  22. the snow is freezing and skidding crunchy and air is fresh
    cool and fun and funny and cold

  23. The snow is falling and it is very cold. The snow is every were. I like the picture but I don’t like the snow. It is too cold and makes me feel miserable.

    • What have some fun while its still here I bet you would wish you would have played out when its melted.

  24. Snow is falling it’s really soft,
    it feels like a blanket,
    it looks white&pure.
    I love the snow.

  25. I

    It was good can you impr

  26. Jordan well done.

  27. I think it is great

  28. that was not good you just writer The bin is curved with snow you need to writer a big sents like the snow is cold all the poor people are cold they have no money the ice is freezing. ok

  29. The snow is like a white blanket spread across England.It is as light as a feather.Its scent is fresh and smells like heaven.

    • This is good Andrew. I like the way you have used similies to describe it as being ‘like’ something else.

  30. Joseph – you’ve done such a wonderful job with this piece of work! I know you’ve already had so many comments 68 that’s huge! but I really loved reading your poem and really liked the picture that went with it – I thought that it was very evocative and it made me cold just looking at the picture! In New Zealand where our class is its Summer at the moment and the students are just finishing off their school holidays (one week left!) but most of our students haven’t even seen snow as it only really snows in Winter in the Mountains! Great work!
    Mr Webb and Room 8, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

    • Thanks you for commenting on Joseph’s work. We do agree that Joseph’s work is really good. Do you like the weather in New Zealand? How are your holidays going?

      From 4OQ

    • Thank you Mr web for commenting on our blog here’s a video of ancient Egypt to repay you.I agree with you on the comment.

    • That is a really nice comment that you wrote it is also a bit funny to.

    • Thank you for commenting on our blog. I’m glad to see that you enjoyed our work. It’s a shame your children have hardly ever seen snow. It’s great fun. I hope your children are doing well.

    • thank you for commenting on our snow is falling song but the shame is that your kids have never seen snow in there lives.Thanks again for choosing to comment on this blog.Bye.

  31. […] Mr Webb from New Zealand on ‘Snow is falling’ […]

  32. I am reading this from bright, sunny Alabama. That was a really neat little poem you wrote there. Isn’t it fun that things in nature can inspire us to write? I like to write poetry myself, and one can get an idea from just about anywhere. I encourage you to look for ideas in the world around you and keep writing about them!!

  33. Hey Ethan, My name is Tim and I attend the University of South Alabama. I am taking EDF 310 with Dr. Strange. I enjoyed the poem and picture of all that snow. We actually got a day of snow a few weeks ago. It was really cool since it has not showed in Mobile in over 10 year!

    • Hello Tim I’m Tyreese I’m working with Ethan right now and he wants to say: I really didn’t want him to do that. Hey Tim thanks for the comment but it wasn’t actually my work. I’m working with Tyreese because my computer isn’t working ( Tyreese is my best friend) and it has to be fixed I hope you enjoy the rest of your day. I’m only at primary school, Robin hood in Birmingham, England. I’m 8 and way tiny.I’m in year 4 and even year 3s are taller than me. I’ve always wanted to see what Alabama is like. There a song that goes ‘sweet home Alabama’ that I’ve heard but I’ve forgot who sings it. Great to see you enjoyed your snow day. Got to go now, bye.

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