We are class 4OQ from Robin Hood Primary School. We are ages 8-9 and live in South Birmingham in the UK. We will be updating this blog with news about what we are up to.


  1. Hello Class 4OQ,

    Greetings from the USA. I am a third grade (ages 8-9) teacher in the state of Connecticut. I found your wonderful blog through the Edublog Awards nominations.

    I really like how you have a mix of photos, text, audio, and video on your blog. I especially like all the great comments that the students have left. Keep up the good work!

    We also have a class blog if you would like to visit. We love getting comments.

    I have a few questions: What grade/age are the students, and where are you located?

    Mr. Salsich

  2. Thanks Mr Salsich for your very nice comment.

    4OQ are 8-9 years old and our school is in South Birmingham, in the UK. I have been looking at your class blog and I will show it to the class too.

    Interesting that you decided to use questions to focus comments just as I did (http://oliverquinlan.wordpress.com/2009/11/22/blogging-in-the-primary-classroom/).

    Mr Quinlan.

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