LAT: Stuart Houses

July 6, 2010

Finally our Stuart Houses are complete:

House 1

The Bakery

House 2

House 3

House 4

The making of….

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In the comments

1. Which is your favourite Stuart House and why?

2. What have the people who made it done well?

3. What could they improve to make it even better?


  1. number 1 is really good i like the house its fab

  2. I really like how number 3 did the paint work it looks like a real Tudor house.

  3. I like number 2 the best because it has a bridge that you can walk on.I thought they could make the roof out of wood aswell.

  4. I like house 3. becous it looks like a stuart house it is dising realy good!!!!!!!!!!!!!.
    it is disind good you could in prove the cutting

  5. I think house number 2 is good because it looks like a real Stuart house and I think they worked really good on it.

  6. Number 1 is really good,I think it is quite nice of one of the members to build a house at home.
    Our favourite house is number 1 because it is really good and I like the little game room at the top.
    They could improve it by putting more wood on to make it look more like a house.

  7. I like the first one because they have really thouht about it and they really worked hard.

  8. I think that house 2 was really good beacause they have thuot
    really really hard about what they have done.

  9. I like barch tree and I thing you did do rally work as a group . And heiped the other people.

  10. I really like house one it is very good. I really like the small house it looks like it was using machth sticks.

  11. My favourite is number 1 because of the little room at the top.They could improove it by putting more wood on it.

  12. i like house two because they raelly though about the houses.
    they have made it well by adding couler and working together i can tell that they where working together well.they could have improved the couler but the rest is good.

  13. I liked the bakery because it looked like a proper bakery because it had a sign for a closed and open and it had a crossbun at the top.

  14. My favourite was house 2, because it looked very much like a stuart house and had the vague pattern painted on. They constructed it well and it was stable and it was good that they painted the pattern on. They could improve the colour of their paint.

  15. My favorite house was number 2 because it looked exactly like a real stuart house.The thing that they did well was the wood because it was perfectly cut.they could of improvedthe coulor because stuart houses are black and white

  16. ilke all of the houses becaues the best & nice good stuff!!

  17. I think that the house is very big and i think the little house on top, it`s reaay cool

  18. I really like House 2 because it looks like a Stuart house. They did good cutting and gluing.

  19. number one is really good because it is really big and they done a good job
    They put lots of detale and looks good
    They could inprove by putting somthing at the bottem of the house

  20. i like houes number 4 becaues ilike the sowring you did and very good i hop you have a good time

  21. I really liked all of them because evryone in the group has worked really really hard.
    But the one I Would have to chose is house 2 they got the house done.
    They thought about It really hard they got the desines down and got it painted and finished.

    But I thought all of the house were great.
    I hope every one is really pleased with themself.

  22. i love hose 1 because its got my cute brother in it

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