Forward Rolls

June 14, 2010

In P.E. this morning we used the iPod nanos to learn how to do forward rolls using the P.E.Pod videos . Jessica took some videos of people practicing.

Number 1

Number 2

Number 3

In the comments

Try pausing the video and moving the slider slowly. Write in a comment some things you can see them doing well, and something they could improve.

Please don’t use names as anyone can see this, call them ‘Number 1’ and ‘Number 2 instead’.


  1. I think number 2 was thinking and being very careful and I also think the ending was good

  2. Verry good i liked the way you jumped at the end.

    • Number 3 was verry good

  3. number 1 is really good i liked it a lot good job number 1

  4. I think number3 was very good at rolling but needs to improve on here ending

  5. I think that no:2. was very nice because her legs were very strait and her forward roll was fantastic.

  6. I liked number 1 because it was good and she did it good

  7. I thought number 2 was really good with a shape at the start and a good fowerd roll and a good shape at the end

    Number 3 was alright but number 3 shouldnt have done a jump at the end

  8. I liked number 2 because she done a little jump at the start and then she put her arms up that was good

  9. i think that number 3 was really awesome because she did not put her head on the floor and she was like very sure on what she was doing and she was focusing on what she was doing.

  10. I really like number 2 because she bends her legs and then she does a forward roll and at the end she puts her arms up and it looks like she is a star

  11. 1.The thing I liked about that foward roll was that it was quite straght and quite good.The thing I thing she could improve by having a finishing move at the end.
    2.The thing I liked about the 2nd foward roll was that it it was straight and in a line.
    3.The 3rd foward roll was good but at the end she could have done a finishing move at the end.

  12. I thought number two was really good,she started in a straight shape and finished in one.

  13. I liked number 1, she done a verry good she should do a shape or somthing to make it even better

  14. No: 3 partner should have told the right instructions but a little bit fussy at the start

  15. I think number 2 was good at starting but needs to improve on ending I say you should end with a balance

  16. number3 did a nice jump at the end. She did a good job to do the flip.She had a hard thing to do but she very well.

  17. I liked number 2s one because it was straght and neat.

  18. i liked the way number 1 did her forward roll but she needs to be strait at the end.

  19. i like your foward roll it was good you had your arms and legs you where good number2 well done

  20. I like number 2 becaues when she stared she was shching.

  21. you did really well number 2

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