Sketchup Ice Palaces

June 1, 2010

Over the last half term we have been reading ‘The Ice Palace’ by Robert Swindells. For our Art work we have created 3D models using Google Sketchup to show what we think Starjikk’s Ice Palace would look like. If you want to have a go you can download Sketchup for free on your computer at home here.

In the comments

Choose an Ice Palace and comment on one thing you thing they have done well and one thing they could improve. Use names for specific shapes in your comment so the artist knows which part you are writing about.


  1. These Ice Palaces look great, you all worked really hard on them. I really like the way Aaron and Ethan have made theirs symmetrical. Gabriel’s in very unusual as it is based on a cylinder, and I like Jessica’s triangular hanging icicles.

  2. Wow all the ice palaces look terrific. I especially like iqra and aaron’s one as it looks like they have icicles on them

  3. I love these ice palaces! You’ve clearly worked very hard on them and they look fantastic!
    I particularly love the flags, Imaan’s is very detailed. I also think you’ve thought very well about the features of a good palace, and I can see some great battlements and steps which must have been very difficult to design.

    Well done year 4!

    Mr Taylor

  4. So much imagination and great technical skills. Fine work.

  5. Congratulations Year 4! Outstanding work.

    I am a Year 4 teacher in Melbourne, Australia and am blown away with the quality of your work. You should be very proud. You also need to give a big pat on the back to Mr Quinlan for getting you into this program.

    Looking forward to showing my class what you guys have done.

    Mr B

  6. What beautiful work year 4! I love the book, and your Sketchup pictures have really brought it to life in my mind. I’ve used Sketchup quite a bit myself, and I think it’s quite tricky. I’m very impressed with the work you have done. Well done!

  7. Dear Builders,

    What fantastic castles you have Sketchupped! (Hmmm, I don’t think Sketchupped is a word…) 🙂

    They are all so beautiful! Some are symmetrical, others asymmetrical. Some have fancy windows or spires, and many are flying interesting flags! Well done!

    I am a third grade teacher in California. Do you think my students could use Sketchup? Would it be too difficult for an eight year old? I’d love to hear what you think based on your experience.

    Thanks for a great post!

    Mrs. Yollis

  8. These are great! Well done! I have never used Sketchup but think I will give it a go. I can’t wait to show my class what you have done. Excellent work!

  9. I think Mankaran`s ice place was really great with all her different things.

    I think I would like to stay in Mankaran`s ice place.

  10. I thought Aarons was really discriptive and cool.Maryams was awsome with all the pink and i enjoy looking at mine its wierd.

  11. I like gabriels sketchup because it is original

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