Aaron’s Sketchup Castle

May 20, 2010

Aaron has been working at home on building a castle using Sketchup.


  1. Wow!

    That’s very impressive Aaran! Much better than I managed when I tried using Sketchup.

    Mr Hayler

  2. This is great! How long did it take?

  3. Great to see you carrying on your project at home and adding your own features!

  4. i RELLY wanted to wach my brothers video but all it says not working and his nice picture at non uniform day

    • Sorry to hear that Ayeera, I have tried all the videos and they are all working fine. You might need to ask someone to help you install flash on your computer.

      You can get flash from here:

  5. mybe mybe not i don’t know mabe you can meet me at school and we can talk about this falsh

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