Letters to the Prime Minister

May 7, 2010

This week we have been following the General election. We don’t yet know who the new Prime Minister will be, but 4OQ have thought of lots of things he could get to work on already. here are a selection of their ideas…

Dear Prime Minister

I would like the UK to be a better place by asking to put litter in the bin and recycle plastic.
I would also like more things for children they are new board games.
Like adults always vote can you let children vote,(if children be silly then dont let them vote).
Because schools havent got much money please get more money for schools.
could you make the Uk a bit more peaceful please.
Please make scohools new times from 6am to 8pm please.If not then please make it 7am all the up to 10pm.

Yours Faithfully 


Dear prime minster

I would want you to improve the city by more parks and more play centers for the little ones.
More Friendly places for children to go to play and chatter about things and basketballs courts and football games better rules better stadiums football matches for kids 4.00 clock and end at 7.oo clock. More activities skate parks ice skating places.


mr prime minster could you help the poor give them money water sheltere food yours faithfully form Aman Ahmed


Prime minster could you tell the true to every one thank you.I do not think they should let children vote incase they
number one they might tell and cause a fight,number 2 they might make mistake like vote for a bad govermeant.
By faithfully, Joseph


Dear Prime Minister,
Can you pay football players less,
and also keep chip shops open an hour later and 5.00-7.00 on sundays.
Make more recycling bins and spread them out in different areas.
Build more parks so that children can get more excercise.
Give more money to charity.
Make more products fairtrade.
Every time a tree is cut down another two must be planted.

Yours Faithfully,



Prime minister if you could make a few changes around Hall Green.
School defently need changing like, .I.C.T mabe computers and more so that they can see through the eyes of other people making it easier for children to learn.
Making the U.K a better place would need alot of changing like no littering,no smoking and if you chopp a tree supposing how old it is that is how many trees they have to plant for the evirement.
Yours faithfuly



  1. Great letters guys. We’ve been posting our ideas online too at our blog http://goo.gl/upGN

  2. Hello Mr Cobb and class,

    Thank you for replying to our Prime Minister letters. How are you doing? We thought your Prime Minister work was really good too, it had some really good topics. We like your blog.

    From 4OQ.

  3. I liked all the letteres of the prime minister.I liked Ethan
    and Imaans

  4. I thought the letters to the Prim minister were awesome I thought Imaan´s was great because I agree on the bit about I.C.T and the bit on littering.

  5. I thought the letters to the prime minister were very good, there were some good things about how you want the world to be, but there is lots of ideas that are the same so its like reading a letter loads of times. Ethans letter was quite funny because he would like to keep fish shops open an hour later and 5.00-7.00 on sundays.

  6. I think all the letters to the prime minester were good.

  7. I agree with ethan about paying footballers less because itś not fair if footballers get payed more than the prime minister in a year.
    I also agree with joesph on not allowing children vote because they might not take it serisly,but there are no bad prime ministers each one has a diffrent way of thinking and other peeople mightagree with them.

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