LAT: Planting Seeds

March 17, 2010

In LAT today Anna, Ben and Fizza have been doing a project about planting seeds. We have made newspaper plant pots. First we fold it in half, then we fold the top, then we get a tin and roll it. At the end we press the top down and after we compost in it then. The next day we planted the seeds then labeled the plant.

By Ben, Anna and Fizza.


  1. Dear Anna, Ben and Fizza

    That looks really exciting! What sort of seeds have you planted?

    I planted some peas a couple of weeks ago and left them on my kitchen windowsill indoors. They started coming up in seven days. I couldn’t believe they grew so fast!

    Are you going to leave your plants indoors to start off or will you keep them outdoors? I guess there’s not much room in your classroom for extra stuff like plants…

    Good luck with your growing!


  2. I love your newspaper pots. Could someone write us a procedural text that explains to us how to make them? They would have been very useful for our school fair…

  3. we made pumkin, coriender, naturisom,onion white and we made some potatoes and everyday we have to water the seeds because we keep them in side.And we dont have to put water in the potaoes because its been raining out side.

  4. I think that the planting project is so cool i wish i was ini t.

    i could see the soil in the pots, and super pot

    ps.keep being eco friendly…

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