Space project

February 24, 2010

Planets of the space group

We have been working on a project about space .

First we planned it on a sheet of paper.
Day one research about space on the internet .
Day two finding pictures google images and comp-fight,the pictures were on space.
Day three we started the power point on space.
Day four we got some photos on the camera and put it on the power point.
Day five finishing the power point.
After that it was half term,day six we practiced   presenting the power point it went really well for a couple of days.
We are almost finished.


Space is a very dark place .It has billions of stars, there are lots of planets. Us the space group we have only done some of the planets.

what we have done?

We have done lots of things for our project.One of the things is building
up a power point together.The other thing is we have learned how to make clay models.The one very important thing is that we learned that animals don’t exist on other planets out of space.

In the comments

1. What do you think is good about this group’s work and their video?

2. What would you like to do for a project?


  1. i think it is really good and the project is great.

  2. The thing I liked about the groups work was that they thought of how to make all of planets and they knew what colour of the planets were.

    • What a nice comment Yasir, you have obviously thought very carefully about what they have done.

  3. I think it was really good I like the first bit When it said year 4 project:Space

  4. I liked the video on how you made the planets.I am also impressed about the photos,I liked both of those things because it is all organised and I’m pretty impressed about the making of the planet picture of all the

  5. I really enjoyed it I liked the first bit

    • It was very short

  6. Very good project you picked.

  7. I think it was good because they nelly put all the planits in.
    I would like do a simuler project

  8. 1. think that they were doing good and i liked it
    2. i would liked to do a switches progect

  9. I also liked the way they made the planets.

  10. I like the whole of the videos but try to keep the camera still.

  11. We did this in 3 weeks and we are still doing the project.

  12. i like the space things and it was good and who made it good job

  13. i thought that was very good .and the planets were very well.

  14. Aaron I think you needed to do more like tell the audience your name or put in some jokes and next time make it longer.

  15. i like the planets you out of dow

  16. That is good you must of work hard to make them .woo .

  17. cool i like your video very good!

    • It was very short

    • I want to do a project about animation

  18. I would like to do a animation project!

  19. I will like to do a project about the big bang I will like to do it as a research and show it to people in our class.

  20. we can paper mashaing some things

  21. you could get the stage and do a show about to stop bullying,or any thing else.

  22. I would like to do a spongebob project people paint on paper and we do a power piont and show lots of diffrent ones

  23. I will also want to do a project about boats I will like to do it as a presentation.

  24. I think an animation project on “Jack and the bean stalk” would be good!

  25. i would like to make an animation.

  26. I like the planets and i think you did a good job but i think you cold do better but they are very good

  27. I will also want to do a project about Computers and Laptops I will like to do it also as a Presentation.

    • i think its good

  28. you could do a model or a play on the stage or a poster about re-cycling.

    • good work

  29. the sea
    body parts
    ball games

  30. world war 1 (play)

    • well done

  31. I think we should make the most gigantic model of SpongeBob made out of sponge.

  32. And finally I would like to do a project about Volcanoes and Earthquakes I would like to do it also like a Presentation.

  33. so what do you think it would be like living in space?

  34. We can make vases of out clay and you can put eny patten on it

    • I don’t think so Kiera

  35. Our idea is Avatar characters. Then make them into clay models
    and making a power point about Avatar characters. First were going to plan it on Google docs. Second were going to start the power point on Google docs.

  36. 1. i think that they did good and that they werent messing about and they were doing what they were supposed to
    2.I would like to do a sea project

  37. i would like to do a wood project about icarly

  38. we shod have musik

  39. I liked the planets and andrew .was a good reader that they were “nt messing about.They were doing what there supposed.

  40. you could try a project on how the T.V works.

  41. i want to do project about stars and do a powerpoint about it

  42. The sacking of Troy. Play, story, paintings, models

  43. The battle of Gettysburg, Play, story

  44. Battle of Waterloo Play

  45. The battle of Little big horn Play

  46. Battle of Agincourt Story

  47. i which i can do a project like robot i like the clip

  48. Battle of Stalingrad Play

  49. world war 2(play)
    world war 1(play)
    the battle of Gettysburg(play)
    Theseus and the minotaur(play)
    battle of waterloo(play)
    battle of little big horn(play)
    battle of stlingad

  50. Hi, I’m Science Girl Em. I love your project. I wish we would do science like that in my school. We have to study the animal groups like mollusks, mammals, reptiles, insects, spiders, amphibians and birds. I think those are all of them.

    Last year I was in space camp. I went there with my cousin. We made a moon. We painted it gray and the shadows black. For the moon dust we put glitter on it. And then, we put a flag on it.

    • ow thanks thats really nice you blog is cool like you he he why dont you look on the blog alvin and the chipmuncks.

  51. HI im lennox i love how you have done that space solar system clay thing because my schools topic this term is spaced out and about the solar system so i hope you chek out my classes blog and leave some comments that would be great seya!!!

  52. cool our topic for the term is space as well!

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