Trip to Selly Manor

November 17, 2009

Today 4OQ visited the Tudor house at Selly Manor. We uploaded photos and thoughts to our class twitter feed at www.twitter.com/4oq .

Click here to hear Jessica and Courtney’s description of the day on the way home.

In the comments:

1. What part of the day did you enjoy most and why?

2. Write one of the questions you wrote to answer. What was the answer.

3. Write something else you learned on the day. Explain why you found it interesting.



  1. I enjoyed learning about the Priest hole the best, because I didn’t know about it before.

  2. I did not like the trip very much but it was alright my favorite part was looking at the preasit hole.

  3. my question was how do tudors wash there clothes and the answers was wee they washed their clothes wee.

  4. I think i enjoyed the most is the top of the house where the armor and helmets were.The Question i wanted to know is what they eat but it turned out they ate animals some of them were a rabbit a pigeon sometimes they ate some type of birds.

  5. I enjoyed dressing up as a Tudor lady because I looked really funny.

  6. I in joyed the trip becous the citcin was very COOLthe ded animels looked very realthe food was very nice

  7. I enjoyed looking at the armour most because I got to wear a helmet and liked learning about the different types of armour.
    I wanted to ask about what the Tudors ate and the answer was wild boar, chicken, pheasant ,rabbit and pigeon. I also found out that the word parlour comes from a French word that means to talk and I find this interesting because it teaches me French.

  8. look at me and Anna we look so funny in the dresses but i do like them

  9. We enjoyed going to Selly Manor. I think I look pretty cool in the dressed up tudor dresses, pictures on the Selly Manor blog.

  10. Hi Mr Quinlan I enjoyed the kitchen were the tudors used to eat
    because it shoud were the tudors used to eat

    Q;why did the tudors were thouse big dresses
    A;Because they wanted everyone to see how much money they had

    I found out that the walls were made out of cow poo, mud , straw and animal hair it was intresting because i wanted to now what the walls weremade out of

  11. My favorite thing of the day was trying on the helmets was the best thing.the most thing I enjoyed leaning about was the roofing on the beds the reason why did is incase iseks got in.

  12. I liked finding out different facts about the kitchen. I liked it because the spices the Tudors used we still use today. In the Attic I especially liked the Priests Hole. I also liked the Spit Jack in the kitchen.

  13. yesterday at the trip to selly manor I liked it when we got to dress up in tudor clothes.

  14. My second favorite part was when we went to the bed chamber.

  15. 1. I enjoyed laying the table.Daniel our tour person chose me &
    Anna to lay the cloth then Tyreese put down the napkins then
    Jessica put down the spoons and the cup’s.

  16. I enjoyed playing the games and my favorite game was the dabboloas because it was fun and they were loads of fun and they were lots of things to do

    • Really i didnt know that.I thought you liked the armour and the helmets.

  17. The part of the day I enjoyed the most was the Tudor games in the introduction I enjoyed it because they were proper Tudor games not just rubbish normal games.One of my questions was what the walls were made of the answer was wattle and daub.Something else I learned about the priest hole I found it interesting because I didn’t know about it before and it was creepy and dark.

  18. I learnt chain mail is incredibly heavy

  19. I hated it when we had to dress up in those posh Tudor clothes.

  20. I wrote a question ‘what did they eat’ and David (our tour guide) said they eat bread with every meal.

  21. {Kajol} I enjoyed dressing up as a Tudor lady and one of the question is did they have animals anwser yes they did .I learned everything and i found it intersting because i know everything about them.

  22. i loved doing the games like the marbles game the scary part was the stairs but i am not chicken i am bad buy buy

  23. I enjoyed the afternoon the most because it was more funner then the morning.Do they have any candles and the answer was yes. I learn’t about a spitjack because you had to twist it then span.

  24. 1). I enjoyed going in to the kitchen, & learning how the tudors used lay the table for henry viii.
    2).befor we went on the trip we wrote a few quistions, so that we could answer them at selly manor one of my questions were called
    is the tudor house hot/cold? and did henry have junk food?

  25. I enjoy to play the tudors games and the dressing becuas it was very good and very nice.

  26. i enjoy the floor it mad at off blood

  27. Me and Courtney look so funny and everyone lookes weird.

  28. Yasir goes wield in this picture.No a fence but Tyreese looked funny in all the pictures.To be honest with you I looked like THE KING OF ALL PICTURES.

  29. The part I enjoyed the most was when we dressed as tudor men and tudor women , and we played a lot of games.

    One of my questions was were did they pee and they pee in a pot and through it out the window but at they do it in the pot and wait for morning through it out the window.

  30. When we went to Selly Manor 4fp went to have a look at the house first and 4oq went to play some games in a diffrent house we played really good games we had to juggle i could a little bit we also dressed up. I really enjoyed dressing up and looking at the priest hole i would like to go in the priest hole it look very
    interesting i really enjoyed it all really .

    By Kiera

  31. In that photo of me Tyreese and Nohmaan we all look really really funny.

  32. the pix look good but the games was fun cotney & Anna

    • Hello Aaron its me Tyler

  33. i enjoyed the attic best cause it was best.

  34. the question i wrote was,
    if it was true that most of the house was made of woood and poo!,
    and the answer was thhat it was made of wood and the mixture was partly poo!

  35. The writing is cool but can understand it a school would of case…..next…..the bottle….. MADE OUT OF LEATHER AN OKAY PERSON what do say.

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