Similie Poems

November 6, 2009

This morning our class learned how to write similies. We had a go at writing similie poems.

Can you guess what these similie poems are describing? Let us know what you think by commenting.

As blond as a pencil,

As stripy as a zebra,

Bigger than an ant,

Smaller than a bee,

As Sneaky as an ant,

I can not describe,

Because it is not me.

By Jessica


  1. it is really hard to guess and imaan won’t tell me the answer.

  2. All of these poems are good and funny. Ethans is the most funniest because he has dung in it and Ethan makes me laugh.
    His writing is very good and he is a good listener and learner.

  3. cool

  4. i need to go i am being silly

  5. I love your poem it is unique. I am also a poet. My friends love then. Come visit my page at look at my about page and learn more about me and tell me more about your self. We will be good friends!!! đŸ™‚

    With care,

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