Science: Creating Creatures

November 6, 2009

Before the holidays we were looking at habitats, and how animals were adapted to live where they do. Everyone worked in teams to make a new animal out of vegetables and things Mr Quinlan brought in. They had to think carefully about why they were making the animals look like they did, and how their features helped them to live.

When they had made the animals everyone made a fact file about them, saying what features they had and how they needed these to cope in the habitat they lived in.

We had some pretty creative creatures!


  1. We love the models they are very good and cool we especially like the first picture .

    from adam and james in 5ZC

  2. I like the creatures i hope i could do that it looks so fun maybe you all had fun.

    from faiza in class 5ZC.

  3. Wow! Great creatures! Can you teach me? Its looks great fun!

  4. Wow! Great creatures! Can you teach me?

  5. there is a science game called dan ballit teches you about thing like evapuration.

  6. Scary creaters iwouldent want to mess with them

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