The amazing spotless Tudor dance

October 28, 2009

by Jessica Byrne

The whole of year 4 classes 4oq and 4fp. We have been practicing in the big hall. In our Kagan grops. We have been working in Robinhood school.We have been working on evry Tuesday. We have been working on it for 5 weeks. We got the dance from our 30 laptops. After we learnt the tutdor dance class 4oq made up a dance. We did it becuase we have been learning about Tudors.

I thought the steps were easy but when it came to the macking up one it was quit confusing. If i was stuck I would proberly askmy teatcher called mr Quinlan,anna and courtney my best friends.


  1. Wow! You make it look so easy. Thank you for showing us your Tudor dance.

  2. mrq who is mbarrow anyway i have to go my brother wants to play on the laptop nowlol.

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