News in class 4OQ

October 23, 2009

by Imaan

If you want to know what class 4oq then read this.
In class 4oq there are all talented people,I just checked on one of my closest  friend her name is Iqra.Her talent is to be neat and tidy and all ways dose really neat work & if you don’t think i will ask a few children in class 4oq.Muminah says that”Iqras work is really nice”,i asked Mankarran and she said”it is very neat”.Jessica says”AMAZING!”
Now let’s look at Fizza.Her talent is to be hard working and tries her best at eveythind she dose,even my friend Iqra agrees.



  1. I say that my little sister is right because everyone has a talent or a dream, I’ve always wanted to be a Sceondry Art teacher and my talent my talent is art and it’s my faveriot subject. What is yours?

    {If you want to know who I am well I’m Imaans older sister and I’m in year 6}

    See ya…

  2. i feel so embarrest mr q never told me

  3. i think my cousin imaan is crazy hiper but really talented and she is really possative.

    from imaans cousin laiba

  4. she is soo cool she never makes us do home-work like her sis yumna.Her talent is flexabilaty she can do the spilts,brige,the circle and a flip!

  5. she is my fave cousin she is soo cool and talented she can do a flip,the circle,the splits the and the brige.

  6. she thinks i am cute she says that i am really good at that.
    she is the best and she is really good at school subjects and when i want to she teaches me her tricks to do stuff.did i say she is so flexable.

  7. by the way i am her cousin

  8. mr.quinlen why didn’t you tell me you put this on the blig when we were at school.

  9. you never told me about this at school

  10. i think it is good that she is saying good things about others

  11. What nice things people are saying about each other. It is great to celebrate people’s talents.

    Imaan, I put this on the blog when we had finished school on Friday so I couldn’t tell you, but I did let you know on the google doc you wrote it in.

    Mr Quinlan

  12. mr.q are yr 6 aloud to use the radio station pleasenit’s our last yr at this cool school. whatever decision you make i’m toatally cool with it and by the way i’m in class 6ns. bye.

    • Hi Yumna,

      Hopefully we will be able to include anyone who wants to get involved with the Radio station. At the moment we are just getting started really, but I will make sure years 5 and 6 can get involved as soon as possible.

  13. are you good at a back flip


  14. i like your comments bye

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