Manga Avatars

October 17, 2009

On Friday afternoon we were testing out a new system for our netbooks (Ubuntu Netbook Remix). We went on FaceYourManga and made Manga versions of ourselves. Avatars are important on the internet. You use them instead of a photo so people you don’t know can’t see what you really look like. They help you keep safe.

Some children had a competition to make an avatar of Mr Quinlan, which one do you think looks most like him? You can vote for your favourite below….


  1. I like number 7 because it look’s like you alot.

  2. Hello M.r Quinlin how are you?
    Hows your holiday?

  3. Hello Iqra,

    I am having a good holiday thanks, hope you are too.

  4. elo Mr Quinlan r u ok i think number 1 look like u

    number 5 look funny but good lol

  5. Hi Kiera. Thanks for voting for an avatar.

    I am OK, but not feeling too well, hopefully I will be better for Monday. Hope you are better and having a good half term.

  6. hi mr quinlen how are your holidays, i cant wait to come back to school please write back as soon as posible .
    love from maryam.

  7. hi mr quinlen i heard you wernt well get ell soon from maryam

  8. Hi Maryam. Thanks for your message. I am still feeling a bit ill, but apart from that I have had a good holiday. I hope you have too. I look forward to coming back to school too.. we’ve got some fun things to do next week!


  10. i learnt lots about henry viii and i am really fast at typing

    love from maryam

  11. mrq i think lots of people from our class leavs camments how are your holiedays mine reek i have been feeling ill all week i cant wait till i get back to school i hope there are intrestring stuff to do.

  12. this is kinder like twitter. seeya lol

  13. mrq i hope that kiera is back on monday and tyreese.Seeyalol

  14. Hello Mr Quinlan how are you?I think number seven lokes like you which one do you think?

  15. i think number 2 looks like you from what i saw.

    from imaans cousin.

  16. you rock mr q

  17. is it the trip on tuesday mrq

    • Yes Kaiynat, the trip is on Tuesday. I have put some information on the 4OQ website.

  18. hi mrq i heard it is your birthday tomorw how old are are you gonna be hope you would be looking looking fowerd to you birth daylol.

  19. hi mr q how old are yu gonna be.

  20. mr q why do i and some other pepol in the class not talk about the things that you put on the blog some times.

    • I am not sure what you mean Kaiynat? We have talked about lots of the blog posts when you all wrote comments on them on your netbooks.

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