4OQ home page

September 14, 2009

Our home page is now up and running. You can find it at www.4oq.co.uk.

This page is for keeping up with our blog, twitter, and links to what we are working on each day.

When we are working on something in school we will use links from this page, and if you want to carry on learning when you get home you can use these links to find it again.


  1. hiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

  2. Hello Aaron, hope you like the 4OQ home page.

    Mr Quinlan

  3. Mr Quinlin
    I am grateful that you have set up a class web page. As a working mother I do not have much time to come in to school and discuss what areas you are covering. It has been helpful to look at this site to find out what the class has been up to on a daily basis. I will attempt to ensure yasir keeps this up when he comes home from school and complains of being bored. This is certainly a fun way of learning. Keep up the good work.

    • Ms Minahs,

      Thanks for your comment, I am glad our web pages are useful for you. Hopefully lots of parents will find it useful to see what the class is up to. It is also great to get the children’s work to a worldwide audience.

      Mr Quinlan

  4. Dear Mr Quinlin

    Its Yasir here!

    I found dividing really hard in Maths, so can you please help me when we do dividing in maths.

    Yours sincerely

    Yasir Ali

    • Dear Yasir,

      Don’t worry if you are finding division hard, lots of people do. We will be coming back to it soon to do more practice. Thanks for letting me know, I will make sure we do some work together on it.

      Have a good weekend,

      Mr Quinlan

  5. Hi Mr Quinlin,

    Just to let you know yasir was unwell today, hence not at school. Just incase hes not there tomorrow, will it be ok for you to leave some work at reception for him, so he can carry on at home. I would prefer some areas that he’s fininding difficult. If it s prob it doesn’t matter.


    • Sibka,

      Sorry I didn’t see this message until this evening. If you want some activities for Yasir he can have a look at the Links section on http://www.4oq.co.uk. I have been posting activities there most days which he could have a look at such as shape identification games. There is also a Henry VIII he could do some research on. All the details are on the Henry VIII page.

      Please let him know I hope he gets well soon.

      Mr Quinlan

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